Serving Brooklyn's Off-Leash Community

Off-Leash Hours For Prospect Park

See Official Park Rules for dogs below

Long Meadow; Nethermead & Peninsula ...

9 PM - 9 AM

Late Evening and Mornings only, both weekdays and weekends.

1 - Long Meadow; 2 - Ball Fields (ALWAYS) off-limits, on leash or not; 3 - Nethermead; 4 - Peninsula



General Off-Leash Rules

Dogs must be on leash whenever you're in wooded areas - so that nesting birds and various creatures won't feel threatened. This means areas like the ravine between the Long Meadow and the Nethermead.

Dogs are not allowed on the ballfields at any time, on-leash or off-leash. This is a rule from the Park's Department with the coming of legal off-leash in New York City Parks. It's OK to go around the ballfields while off-leash during the proper hours.

Ditto for Bridle Paths... Please use common sence whenever near a bridle path for horses are spooky critters.

Official Prospect Park Dog Rules ...

FIDO has worked closely with Park officials to come up with the following rules. That these rules remain in effect for dog owners to enjoy will depend on your continued support and cooperation

Specific Park regulations in a large nutshell

  1. Dogs must be On Leash (6ft or less) in all places, at all times between 9am - 9pm

  2. All other times dogs may be Off Leash in the Long Meadow, the Nethermead, and the Peninsula. 9 at night until 9 in the morning.

  3. Owners must always be in control of their dogs.

  4. Dog waste must be picked up by owners and disposed of properly at all times.

  5. No digging is allowed. Holes create trip hazards.

  6. Dogs are not allowed in playgrounds.

  7. Bridle paths and the horse corral are for horses only.

  8. Dogs are not allowed on ballfields at any time.

  9. In wooded areas (non- meadow) dogs must always be on leash; owners and dogs must stay on the paths. Be warned: this is interpreted by authorities to mean that dogs must be on leash when passing from Long Meadow to The Nethermead in spite of the protective fencing on either side. Get used to it!

  10. (FIDO NOTE) The grassy areas anywhere below the wall along Prospect Park West/SW are technically off limits to unleashed dogs as well. You will receive tickets for allowing their dogs to run in these areas.

Minimum Fine For Noncompliance $100