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Where Are my Fido E-mailings?

FIDO Lost Dog Member ID Tags


You're a bonifide member of Fido but have never received any e-mail?

We batch e-mail Fido lost dog alerts/notices several times a month so if you haven't received any of these, could be we're on your spam list. FIDO alerts & notices are mailed from bipcar@gmail.com. FIDO is always included in the "subject" line.

If you think you're current member, then let Garry (Membership) know by e-mail: Garry


Use the "Just Give" registrationj form below to order your calendar. Membership entitles you to a FREE 2013 calendar even if you're already a member in good standing, Just bring the JustGive receipt to the next Coffee Bark in January. Look for our membership table

Year end/ January discount offer:

Members are entitled to one FREE 2014 FIDO Calendar (pick up at Coffee Bark table)


Join FIDO on-Line Instructions....

Go to the Fido page of JustGive.org (link and non-working sample below)

Where it says "I would Like to Donate" enter the amount you would like to donate to Fido.

In the past, we have always suggested the following amounts for a one year membership: $15; $25; $50 or "other" amount.

DO check the boxes for your name; your e-mail; and address. This insures that we will be able to e-mail you events/lost & found dog notifications.

Where it says "Designate My Donation" please enter you choice: "New Membership"; "Membership Renewal"; "Donation" or "CALENDAR". Mention "membership if joining for the first time. If submitting a 2014 calendar picture, enter the amount and size of the picture: . Phone number is always helpful.

Once you start the donation process, you will be asked to set up a new account with your e-mail address and password. This is for your protection and just takes a few seconds. Then it's just a matter of supplying them with a credit card number. Note that JustGive.org deducts 3% on all donations.

Click here to Join/Renew/ Make a Donation to Fido In Prospect Park

Prefer to join the old fashion way? See our membership table at Coffee Bark


Prefer to join the old fashion way? See our membership table at Coffee Bark


1. FIDO offers free ID tags to facilitate the retrieval of lost dogs. Especially
useful when you frequent an out of town area where the cellphone service
craps out.

To preserve privacy, the tags have no owner identifying information
on them, just various ways to contact FIDO (via phone or email) and
a unique Tag ID. Finders of lost dogs are to phone/email FIDO and
report the tag ID, along with contact information of the person holding
the dog.

2. FIDO Tags are available through Coffee Barks only to people who are
members of FIDO; you may join FIDO at a Coffee Bark this to get a tag.

3. When you visit Coffee Bark ask for the tag registrar.

4. The registrar will confirm that you are a FIDO member or ask you to join.

A. VERY IMPORTANT! Confirm that we have your correct telephone
number and/or email so we can contact you. Ensure that we have these

B. VERY IMPORTANT! If you are joining FIDO to get tags for your dog,
write your contact information: email, telephone number, and mail address
LEGIBLY on the application form. If we can't read these, we cannot contact
you regarding your lost/found pooch.

5. You will be issued however many metal tags you need for your various canine
friends. You will also be given a receipt card bearing your assigned tag numbers.
Keep this receipt in a safe place so, in the event you misplace a dog or two, you'll
still know the assigned tag numbers.

6. Please don't misplace your tags. Each tag is uniquely numbered and replacing
one is tantamount to re-registering. While tags are initially free, re-registering will
involve some extra overhead and likely involve some cost.

7. Please be considerate of FIDO volunteers: Like you, they have dogs to leash
up and a table or six to pack away before the nine o'clock hour. If you want to
get a tag, please make your request no later than 8:30 AM. Thank you.

FIDO In Prospect Park, 172 Fifth Avenue, #26, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Garry Osgood
Membership Renewals/Updates

e-mail: Garry
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