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05 May 2002 - 29 April 2018

We brought Nacho into our family as a young puppy in the summer of 2002. He was rescued from Tennessee and brought to New York where we adopted him. He grew up into a handsome dog that loved to eat napkins, frolick in the snow, and chase squirrels. On the other hand he hated cuddling, bathing, and swimming. He lived a good long life and unfortunately passed away six days shy of his 16th birthday. He was dearly loved and will be sorely missed.

Ignacio S. Naudon
Susan M. Steingass
Carlos P. Naudon
Enrique S. Naudon

HB's Commander X Spudster
September 25, 1993 - July 27, 2002

Saturday night, Niagara lost her valiant fight with cancer. The treasured companion of Tracy Rudzitis, she was loved by so many people. Fast and agile, she was just a few points shy of her LCM; but to say that she was a great coursing greyhound, would diminish her other extraordinary attributes.

The Princess of Prospect Park, Niagara lived in Brooklyn New York with Tracy and was a fabulous ambassador for the breed including doing her job as a therapy dog at New York Methodist Hospital.

She passed gently in the loving hands of Tracy and Karen and Mike Lorenzo, who loved Niagara as though she were one of their own. Niagara was an original and will be missed. Especially by her housemates, Haley and Blade and her "other" pack, the Winds Greyhounds.


passed away on january 21 / 2010


Rememembering our beautiful Nina

Barbara and Ray


“I was sad. But how can you be sad around a sweet dog like this?”
-A stranger, petting Nomi on the street in Brooklyn.

“When you get a dog, you’re buying a tragedy.”
-George Carlin

On Monday, January 19, a month after her fifteenth birthday, Nomi died peacefully. She was healthy and vibrant almost to the end. But a twisted stomach, of undetermined cause, led to a sudden and steep decline. The vet laid her head in our laps, and she gave her last breath, without needing to be induced to go.

Nomi loved
-sprinting after squirrels
-sniffing city smells
-scampering in fresh snow (and eating it!)
-scrambling up hillsides
-snarfing down salmon skins
-licking ice cream containers
-rolling in the grass
-gazing out her bay window
-sleeping on the bed
-greeting us when we came home at the end of the day.

After a decade-and-a-half together, we’re so very grateful for all the joy and light and love she brought us. We already miss her very much and can’t really imagine life without her.

Thank you for being her friend, too, or just supporting her and us from afar –

Fred and Adrienne



March 1996 – December 28th 2007




Also known as The Nutty One, Nut the Mutt, Black Dog, PupDog, Bear, and Nutty. Nutmeg died in her sleep. It was a quick and merciful departure and I feel her loss greatly. But, while there is a void in my life right now,

I am incredibly happy that I had these nearly 12 years with her. Indeed, I was truly blessed with her companionship. She was my best friend, partner in crime, champion hole digger, guardian and protector, hiking-snowshoeing-xcross skiing-exercise buddy, antidepressant, clown, cat and squirrel chaser, stick and snowball catcher and a world class ball finder. My heart aches from her loss now but soon will be filled with the joy of her memory.


"Never to suffer would never to have been blessed."
Edgar Allan Poe

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." Roger Caras

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." Kahlil Gibran


Orson Baker
died on June 30th,2011 - nearly 16 years old.




He was my constant companion for nearly 16 years. I loved him dearly and will miss him all the rest of my days - as will my tripod Pom, Orson's best pal - Desi.
Orsey Honey- we still see you in Prospect Park every day!


In Memory of Penny Pensterino
Passed away April, 2011




How can one sum up the life, joys, specialness, of one's loved and loving companion in a few words. I will try, because she deserves to be remembered. Penny came into my life when she was about 4 or 5 months old (or so the vet thought). I was walking down 7th Avenue in Park Slope and saw a man selling puppies out of a shopping cart. There was Penny, in a box, at the bottom of the cart, looking sad, listless, and possibly unwell. I had been thinking about getting a dog, but not too seriously. After some coaxing, a promise from my then boyfriend that he would help walk her, and $15 to the seller, Penny came home with me. As I carried her home, her name came to me -- Penelope. On that day, my life changed forever.

She was a baby. I had never adopted a dog before, nor did I have kids. I can honestly say that for the first 2 to 3 months, I went through a kind of post partum depression, overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for this new little life. Every sneeze, every pile of vomit, meant a call to my vet. He was very patient. Over time, I became a more confident dog person and grew to trust my instincts.

Before Penny came into my life, I had always been a morning grump. With Penny in my life, I grew to enjoy getting up early in the morning, to both spend time with her and to spend an hour in Prospect Park. Mornings became my favorite time of day. I would jump out of bed, smiling, singing and anxious to get my little girl up to the Park for exercise and companionship -- for both of us.

We spent nearly 13 years in the same routine -- morning, Park with me; afternoon, dog walker; evening, Park with me. I loved sharing Prospect Park with my little Penny and over the years probably took every path there was to take. Both Penny and I knew the Park like the backs of our "hands".

Many people knew Penny by the ball she always carried in her mouth -- yellow and blue being her favorite colored balls. Penny had a brief stint with fame as she was featured on two different magazine covers -- "DGNY" and "JCrew". She was famous on our block -- everyone knew her. It was through Penny that I met my neighbors and improved my social life. My volleyball friends and I nicknamed her "Penny the Pope Dog" because people were always coming over to meet her, have their picture taken with her, kiss her face, or give her head a little scratch, as though any of these actions would confer some special status upon them.

Penny had the soul of an angel and the heart of a lioness. She was strong but gentle. She would share her ball with any person showing interest in throwing it for her, but only with her best canine friends, Sierra and Nellie.

Penny loved all of her people and canine friends. Seeing them would cause her to do her little wiggle waggle, squeely pig dance.

July 2nd will be one year since Penny's passing. I still cannot believe she is gone. I suppose I never will, as I will carry her forever in my heart and memories.

I love you Penny."

Janet Rothholz


199?-November 28, 2010

We were lucky enough to find Pete as a stray in Prospect Park in early summer 2000 when we lived on Prospect Park SW. Pete was a regular of the southern half of the long meadow seven mornings a week until October 2005 when we moved out of Brooklyn. He was universally recognized as the fastest dog in the park for much of that time and had many friends. He particularly enjoyed trying to drag and dismantle huge tree branches, barking at squirrels, using turn-on-a-dime evasive moves to lose chase pals, and sitting outside the muffin place with his friends while everyone drank coffee. He had a profound effect on us and will be thought of every day for the rest of our lives. We miss him intensely.

Gil & Tracey

1992 -2007

Beautiful Phoebe,
independent, full of grace, the hunter/water dog extraordinaire, who fled a-quiver at explosive sounds (and found some interesting spots to find refuge), died on July 14, 2007, at the age of 15. She put up with Luka and became my stoic companion after arthritis slowed her running spirit. A noble, gorgeous, sun-worshipping, slim girl, with brown eyebrows and sad eyes, she will be deeply missed.



POOH and Me...

He used to sleep
_parent next to me
we spent the night
in ecstasy

He snuggled
rite on my back
warm, and comfy
under the quilt
closer than glue
we slept, us too

So close we lay
just as one
we shall stay forever
and when I die
he'll be there to keep me company
and we will touch
forever more
as we walk
Through heaven's door

Side by side
we'll always be
together in our destiny

And when the angles
hold our hand
and take us to the promise land
we'll be
forever one
in love
the POOH and Me

To hold him tight
in heaven's light
to kiss and hug
thru the night
and wake again forevermore
loving each other near God's door.

Demetrie Daniels


Prince (1989-2001)

Prince was my faithful companion for 11 years, during which time we explored every corner of Prospect Park. 

Prince is pictured here with some of the trophies he found in the Park and brought home for his collection.  His family misses him very much.
Jim Breckenridge

(Adopted 7/4/90  left us 9/27/01)

Rex was loved by both two and four legged friends. His tail would wag every time he met old friends. He brought much joy into the lives of  his family and friends.


Romeo Rott Reiver
1994 to 2010
King of Prospect Park

I first made his acquaintance on a sunny day in Prospect Park. When I arrived and he was the talk of the town. Somebody had dumped his big handsome rascal self out of a car, and he was making the acquaintance of everyone and anyone in the Long Meadow - working the crowd in his characteristic manner. I said I'd take him home. I wasn't the only one, but I was the first. People came up to me for days afterwards indicating that if I didn't want the lanky, longhaired rottie mix with the big smile - they'd be happy if he was their dog.

But he was my dog and came to live with me and Jon, Buddy Guy, Slimmy and Little Cat.

This is not to say he wasn't a handful. He loved to chase the horseback riders, and the squirrels. He needed training of the Tyril Firth variety, but even at his most indomitable, independent moments, he was a loving, good natured soul who defended the smaller dogs, sat for children and didn't chase cats. He loved to run and swim and he was a great friend. He was a smart beautiful lug with a radiant smile.

The house seems so big and empty now. I think he hung on because he didn't want me to be alone, and I should have told him earlier that he could let go. I'm sure leaving his body was a release, and he'll have no trouble in the bardos, because even in his awkwardest moment, he is the picture of grace.

Goodbye to my big beautiful boy.

Jane Cameron

Photo memorial

Roxannne " Puppy" Melman
- On July 28, 2007 at 14.

Loving and devoted compannion of Merrie for the past 14 years. Friend to humans & cannines. Enjoyed many coffee barks, frolicking in Prospect Park with her friends (both two and four legged). She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.



(February 1, 1992 - May 7, 2004)
Owned and tolerated by Kristina Johnsen.

There was little that this aardvark would not eat -- she was no stranger to hydrogen peroxide and salt. She made trash diving into a sport and particularly enjoyed summer Monday mornings in the park. Russia reluctantly gives up first trash dibs to the weaker nosed, slower runners or later risers in Prospect Park. A victim of degenerative valve disease, she is burried next to her best friend, Tar.

Kristina Johnsen




May 2003-October 2015




We had to say goodbye to our sweet beautiful Ruby today. She was a Prospect Park stray that we were lucky enough to welcome to our family - and was best friends with her brothers Jasper and then Verlaine.

She kicked the cancer's ass this year and didn't care that she had only 3 legs for a while. She still had to hop down to hang out at DUB Pies and Bishop Boardman Apts pretty much everyday to see her friends- even though it took forever to get her home after. But complications arose very quickly and she was in a lot of pain in the last 2 weeks. Ruby will be missed greatly. Ruby was legend. Long Live Ruby.

Deb, Greg & Verlaine



March 13, 1993 - November 19, 2008 15 years, 8 months




I love, I love Sabrina,
I love, I love Sabrina,
I love, I love Sabrina,
She's my yummi one,
She's so much fun,
The bravest one,
My number one!

I love, I love Sabrina,
I love, I love Sabrina,
I love, I love Sabrina,
She's my razzle-dazzle
Yankee Doodle,
Little Toy Poodle.

I love, I love Sabrina,
I love, I love Sabrina,
I love, I love Sabrina,

She's my angel now.


Sasha (2003-2019)
Sasha passed away on May 16th, 2019, after a long and debilitating illness. She was about sixteen years old.

Of uncertain pedigree, she was raised on Staten Island and came to Brooklyn at the age of two.

Sasha was a good dog – good at being a dog and doing all the things that dogs like to do. Among her favorite activities were swimming, eating, running, chasing thrown objects, digging up lawns, and rolling in smelly things. Her two favorite places were Prospect Park in Brooklyn, where she gained renown for chewing on really big sticks, and the bay beach at Hampton Bays, Long Island, where she would swim for an hour at a time and dig in the sand.

It was in Prospect Park that her penchant for demolishing big sticks brought her a moment of fame as Miss September in the 2017 “Dogs with Big Sticks” calendar by photographer Nolan Conway. She did not often play with other dogs, but loved to join in a chase. She almost always ended up at the head of the pack, uncommonly fast for a broad-shouldered and bulky dog. Sasha did not like cats, and would have liked to chase them, but a couple of unfortunate incidents convinced her to keep her distance from strays who stared back at her. She did not care much about squirrels, but once drove a raccoon up the neighbors’ front door.

Sasha had two jobs and was a natural at both. Like one of those well-bred but impecunious Victorian ladies, she served as a live-in companion to her employer. Her presence was big, even when she was just lying around, and her absence made the house feel empty. Her other job was to keep bad guys away, and this she did with her booming voice. In fact, until her hearing diminished and she had to retire, she was an excellent watchdog. Six days a week, from whatever part of the house she was in, she drove off the mailman, and although he persisted in coming back he never stayed long. In return, Daniel provided her with two square meals a day, treats, and solace during thunder storms.

Dogs generally get a bad rap in Jewish tradition, but there are moments when their true nature is recognized. As in other cultures, for example, they are seen as exemplars of steadfast loyalty. More particularly, it is said that the word for “dog” in Hebrew is כלב (KeLeV) because a dog is כולו לב  (Kulo LeV) – “all heart.” Above all, Sasha had a great big canine heart, which will be missed.



Saint (aka Big Bear)
.... 11/25/12



Yesterday Big Bear joined her sisters, Wittgenstein and Sake, her Grandmommy Gemmel, and her many cousins in the Great Beyond. She was truly a Dog for All Seasons and we will miss her enormously.


I looked to the north,
hoping she would come
lumbering around the pool
and into the house.

She didn’t.

So I looked to the south
… and the east … and the west ….

I will continue looking …

forever ….

MS 12/9/12

Charlotte, Maureen, and Cain

Sally Gray,
Who left this earth on January 21, 2008 at the age of 15 years, 8 months.


"Deep communication, understanding the soul of another, eternal friend."

Evelyn Friedman and Family



Here's a picture of Sadie that I love... She's also featured in a picture up at the hot dog restaurant on 5th avenue.



She was a rescued dog.

Richard M

passed away April 2015





His name was Sawyer. 

Sawyer was the kind of dog who was intensely present and attuned to the needs of humans - always listening for the (many) words he understood, trying to make sense of what you needed from him and how he could help. Once you earned his loyalty, he was the truest friend anyone could hope for.

He communicated with us in profound ways and looked out for our family with resolute sincerity and pride in his role. His absence has left an enormous hole, impossible to fill. He will live in our hearts as long as we live, and we will remember the lessons he taught us about undiluted love, loyalty, strength, humor, play, responsibility and companionship. If only more people could be more like our handsome Sawyer. 




Scarface's every cell exuded goodness, friendliness and love of life. He started conversations with perfect strangers, human or canine, and sung along with ambulances and fire engines. He was beloved by family, friends, and the entire neighborhood. He was the best dog. Maybe you knew and loved him. It's very hard to say goodbye.

Louise Fischer Cozzi


Scout (1996-12012)

Over the course of his long but too brief stay with us, he made friends with so many, many people. There are numerous children who were afraid of dogs but now are not because of Scout. There is a little girl with severe cerebral palsy who smiled when he rubbed his head against her hand. My grandchildren learned to walk by grabbing on to his furry shoulder and stumbling alongside him. He allowed me to meet a lot of really nice people who would otherwise be strangers because he insisted on being petted.

Since we retired to North Carolina, he got to tree a possum, and a raccoon. He learned that deer are not scary; just too fast to be fun to chase. He got to spend many winter nights stretched out on his bed in front of a wood fire.

His parting gesture, as the vet administered the final mercy, was to wag his tail. He will be cremated, and at some time in the not-too-distant future I will bring his ashes home to the Peninsula.

I miss him so very much.

Mary McInenery

Serena (passed away May 2005)



drawing by Peggy Lynch

Always a good listener... she was sensitive, responsible, aware of her surroundings and self-aware. Those qualities are not taught, cannot be taught. They are inborn. Her AKC name was Starlight Express. As prescient as it gets.



June 11, 1997 - Sept. 28, 2007


An extraordinary dog, friend, companion, and teacher. Shebah was the family canine companion of Mary Jane Monahan and her children Kim and Dennis Monahan. Shebah especially loved Kim's children Justin and Matthew and zany cocker spaniel, Bentley.

Sadly, we had to let her go. May her spirit be reunited with the spirit of my son, Dennis. May they play together across the Heavens.

Mary Jane, Kim Justin Matthew & zany cocker spaniel Bentley



1998 - 2008


Sensitive and big-hearted. I liked to call him Nature Boy. He was found in the park as a young pup and hosted many foster dogs in his home throughout his life. We all miss him.



April 8, 1998- April 27, 2010





In loving memory of Snowflake, our kind and beautiful Siberian Husky, who passed away on Tuesday after bravely battling pancreatic cancer.

Donna, Phil & Andy



"You will live in our hearts forever as we remember you as always being part of our family"


Lisa, Rob, Elena, and Lucas Young


Suzie (Passed Away October 25, 2003)

The soggy little terrier coming up the street stopped when I spoke to her. She looked me in the eye and waited. This was in Park Slope in 1990, on a drizzly afternoon in February. “C’mon, let’s go,” I said to her and she followed after me.

I was on my way to meet my husband at a pre-designated corner nearby. My intention was to introduce the dog to him with the idea of taking her home. My attraction to her was instantaneous -- love at first sight. Just then, a high school girl caught up with us and said, “That’s Suzie. She used to belong to a family in the neighborhood but they had to leave town and gave her to another family. Those people turned her out on the street. My own dog is from the same litter. Suzie’s a good dog and she needs a home.”

After thanking her, Suzie and I went on to our rendezvous. As Rob and I debated whether or not to adopt her, she lost interest and ran off down the street. This time she didn’t respond to my voice, even though I was calling her by name -- “Suzie, Suzie, come back.” I was instantly despondent. The perfect opportunity to adopt the dog of my dreams had passed.

I began to go back to the area where I first saw her. Four or five times. Finally, in answer to a particularly fervent prayer, I met a local resident who knew her. “She lives up the street in the vestibule of an apartment building,” he told me. “I see her coming and going morning and night.” “I’d like to adopt her,” I told him. “Will you call me sometime when you see her coming home?”

Several weeks later, around 9:45 on a frigid March evening, he called – “she’s just passed by and will be in for the night. You can come now.” I came by car service and we met up. He guided me up the street to Suzie’s home -- the vestibule. I opened the door, glimpsed her in the dark and said, “Suzie, you’re coming with me.” She was surprised but she came peaceably, hyper-aware but willing.

Our ‘happy ever after’ lasted for 13-1/2 years. In the last years, I wished I’d asked that high school girl just how old her dog, and Suzie, were. We didn’t know if she was one or two, three or four when she arrived. From her teeth, the vet said she looked like a young adult. She was no puppy, that’s for sure. Already she was confident and smart. For example, she knew, right off, not to mess with our 3 cats. Also, she knew to keep a low profile around aggressive dogs outdoors and stay below their radar. And, she was fully housebroken. A dream dog, indeed!

Suzie passed away on October 25, 2003. We’ve been heartbroken and miss her in different ways every day. Thank you Suzie for being perfect! Sweet friend, you will live in our hearts forever and we will cherish our time with you as long as we live.

Holly Hallmark & Rob Sutherland

Tar (Aug. 24, 1991 - Oct. 10, 2003)

Owned by Kristina Johnson


She was hardly a perfect Doberman, but she was the perfect dog

tar tar is the one
boy the girl loves to run
swim in the south of france
freeze at that squirrel's glance
even do that little bottom dance
tar tar is the one
she kept us in the pack
her loyalty was never lax
tar tar is the one
the one we would never forget
she started it all
even though she was so small
her heart was greater than them all.

written by Lesley Williams
photo courtesy of Vanessa Thompson

TAHNEE: March 10, 2000 - September 9, 2013

Tahnee was a gift from Brandy, a pregnant pit-mix found along the Bronx reservoir one icy January in 2000. Tahnee, the 7th of 7, was born in my house when it was under renovation; the house was made into a home around her. In that sense, Tahnee is the house and so she was at heart a homebody.

A complex creature, she was aloof and reserved, suspicious of people. Many have tried to win her trust, but her friendship was given only to the deserving. She was a lone wolf who associated with the world on her own terms, but those terms came from a fiercely loving heart suffused by profound empathy for human pain. Above all, Tahnee was good--guileless and gentle, incapable of aggression or harm. She is what I would be if I were a better human being. At the dog park, while her mother the social butterfly flitted around, Tahnee would never wander far.

If I have one abiding image of Tahnee, sutured over the tear in my heart, it is the image of her elegant head turned around, searching for her pack. Look back to me once more, my smoky-eyed girl, look back.

Czerny & George


Trevor (1990-2004)

Trevor was a Prospect Park regular from 1992-1997, when we brought Frida into our family (who isn't so social). He still went to the park, but only on weekends when there were two of us around to handle both dogs. He was happiest when he was off leash, playing with his park buddies. We moved to the country in 2002, where he spent his final years not listening to our commands as he chased after deer and squirrels. He will be missed by all, but always remains with us.

Frida: 1995-2007-
Widow of Trevor

Park dog: 95-02

Frida was such a bad ass that she couldn't really play with the other dogs. We skulked around desolate areas of the park or kept her on leash while Trevor socialized. Finally, we had to buy her a house in the country where there were no leash laws or other dogs.

We lost Frida to a disease we weren't aware she had. Evans' Syndrome is an autoimmune disease in which an individual's antibodies attack their own red blood cells as well as their platelets.

The night before she passed, she was herself. She ate well, played and gave us kisses. By morning, she couldn't get up. She was hospitalized and crossed over a few hours later. Unfortunately, because we didn't know what was wrong with her or the severity of it, she died with vet technicians around her instead of her family.

Let's face it. Frida was not going to go into old age gracefully. Had her health declined or had she become arthritic, she wouldn't have been happy. We could see her getting frustrated that she no longer had the stamina to keep up with her younger companion, Lola. So she bowed out gracefully. Or as graceful as Frida can be.

Luke found Frida on the Metro North train tracks about 11 years ago. She probably would've come to a violent end that day had he not rescued her. She was a complete brat and we adopted her out twice when we first got her. She came back both times because she was too much trouble. We're glad it worked out that way.

We'll miss her and love her forever. And we know that Trevor is one happy dead dog right now. Actually, maybe not.

Phyllis and Luke