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Remembering Our Dogs

Fannie - died Dec 10, 1881

Only a dog, do you say, Sir Critic?
Only a dog, but as truth I prize
The truest love I have won in living
Lay in the deeps of her limpid eyes

Frosts of the winters, nor heat of the summer
Could make her fail if my footsteps led
And memory holds in its treasure casket
The name of my darling who lieth dead

Green-Wood Cemetery
Beside the tomb of Elias Howe Jr
(inventor of the sewing machine)

We walk these pages in celebration of the dogs who once played in Prospect Park. Please consider sharing a brief remembrance in honor of your own canine companion. Send your submissions, which may include a picture, via e-mail to the following address:
Please put "FIDO Remembrances" in your header.

To Find Your Dog

Our In Memoriam pages have been arranged alphabetically. Please look for your dog's name within the below links

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Canine Memorial Tree Comes To Prospect Park...

FIDO, as part of the Prospect Park Alliance’s Commemorative Tree Program, sponsored the planting of a tree near the Dog Beach in the Long Meadow. The tree will be a living memorial to all the dogs, past and present, who have played in Prospect Park. Our heartfelt thanks to Charlotte Gemmel & Mureen Sanders, FIDO steering committee emeriti, for originating this memorial.

The original tree was dedicated on May 10th, 2003, 8am near the "Pools" below the Tennis House at a public ceremony at the planting site in the Meadow. The tree species is known as a Willow Oak, an “overstory tree,” one that will grow very tall and provide excellent shade for relaxing after a swim at the dog beach.

Celebrate Your Dog

In mid-May we gather on a Saturday morning around 8 am and hold a brief celebration of those dogs who meant so much to us. Please join us when you feel up to it.

In Memorium celbration video by Donna Cameron

The FIDO Memorial Tree

May, 2010

Our original tree passed away.....
It was located in the Long Meadow on the path by the little pond. We now have a replacement, a gift of the Prospect Park Alliance - a beautiful White Oak. If you take the path directly down into the meadow from the Picnic House and make a right at the bottom, it's midway between the Picnic House and the Tennis House..