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Dog Beach by the Pools...

It's A Good Thing ...


The Newly Renovated Dog Beach.....
A one of a kind creation located at the Pools, foot of the path leading down from the Tennis House - off 9th Street. Summer of 2016 saw a complete renovation of the original Dog Beach. No more crumbling cement. They went for an Adirondack look, with a river slate entry point with raised steps at either end with new plantings. There's even a stepping stone or two. The new fence was redesigned to allow better water flow



Alternative to Dog Beach?
Dog paddling is allowed in Prospect Park's Lake from the off-leash meadow known as the Peninsula during off-leash hours ONLY. Note - Peninsula wooded areas are NEVER off-leash!

Be considerate of others! Monitor your dog especially if there's a great disparity of sizes in the water. Dogs are NEVER, EVER allowed offleash in the water after off-leash hours. We know it's tempting, especially on weekends, but there are far too many passersby & children - many whom are afraid of dogs.

Safety Suggestions ...


These are based on observation!

*If it gets too crowded, just wait a bit. It's really a small area. Unfortunately the pond's depth makes it unlikely that the fence will be extended further out.

*Heaving BIG sticks - LOGS etc is frowned upon. Some doggie could get clunked on the head or injure an eye. Balls are great! Maybe duck decoys? (just kidding, folks)

Off-Leash & rules apply to Dog-Beach.

Have Fun!