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Please go to our to our "Lost Dogs, Adoptions" page for faster contact information and advice about what else you can do.

We welcome Coffee Bark Sponsors...
Sponsoring Coffee Bark not only allows us to maintain this twelve year old monthly tradition, it allows you to personally interact with several hundred dog owners and their families. E-mail for more details

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Betty Schwartz-Dowling

Lynn Radov
VP/ Calendar

Dave Singer

Stuart Seit

Robert Herskovitz


Garry Osgood
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Nancy Dawes
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Maria Delgado
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Ken Schreiber
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Betty Schwartz-Dowling
Secratery/Coffee Bark/Event Producer
We welcome Coffee Bark Sponsors--a 60 year old tradition.

Lost/Found Dogs
Bob Ipcar
General Questions

lost/found a dog


Contact any Steering Committee Member above. We're happy to listen, especially when it concerns dog issues related to Prospect Park. Often, if your concern falls under "quality of life", like a neighbor's noisy dogs or street poop, you may get a better responce out of the City's 311 hot line

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact any of the above. We're happy to add to our growing list.

You're welcome to email us at:

Snail Mail
FIDO In Prospect Park
348 Coney Island Avenue, #10
Brooklyn, NY 11218

FIDO Steering Committee Meetings

Our board usually meets on the second Monday of each month (Virtual Zoom for the time being). Email us for an invitation

Place: usually 346 Coney Island Ave - Recreation Room/a few blocks south of Park Circle

Time: 7:30

Anyone can attend a meeting which are virtul as of now. Volunteers are also welcome.- Steering Committee members may be voted in after attending three consectutive meetings