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New York City's Largest Off-Leash Community


ellowship For The Interests of Dogs & Their Owners

FIDO In Prospect Park's commitment is to ensure that Prospect Park is a safe and healthy place for dogs; that responsible supervision of dogs and charitable activities focusing on Prospect Park, will enhance public respect regarding the benefits and responsibilities of dog ownership. It's all about having control of your dog whether it be on the sidewalk or in the park itself.

PROSPECT PARK OFF-LEASH AREAS: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. -- 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Long Meadow; Nethermead & Peninsula...
See map

ALL other Times & Areas, you MUST leash up!

Dogs must be ON-Leash on ALL paths and woods between meadows.

Bulletin Board...


Coffee Bark Coming Up...

Saturday Coffee Bark September 7th 7:30-9am (Moved back a week because of hoilday...)

When: Always the first Saturday of every month (usually always)

What is Coffee Bark: Tables full of free coiffee, bagels and ... DOG Biscuits

Where:  Just below the Picnic House in Prospect Park's Long Meadow.

For updates, see FIDO In Prospect Park Facebook for last minute cancelations.

How to Sponsor a Coffee Bark


Who’s FIDO in Prospect Park?
FIDO in Prospect Park is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for off-leash activity as well as responsible supervision of dogs throughout our great City. To this end, FIDO sponsors lectures and events as well as donating funds to the Prospect Park Alliance for new trashcans and container, Doggie Beach, dog-friendly water fountains, and even a bench and tree in memory of dogs. Above all, FIDO's aim is to make sure that Prospect Park remains a safe, healthy place for dogs as well as other park user groups. Keeping our pets Safe is everyone’s responsibility.

Not to forget: Lose or find a dog? FIDO has the one email that will help within minutes: FIDOlostdog@gmail.com

FIDO Mailing Address

Mailing in your annual membership? We have a new mail box:

Snail Mail
FIDO In Prospect Park
PO Box 320549
Brooklyn, NY 11232

DOG Beach
It's a beaut !!

New slate waterfront with stepping stones, redesigned fencing and new plantings at the ends.

Dog Beach Renovation 2016

Dog Tags/Licence

FIDO Receives the Lovgren Award & "Volunteer Award" in recognition of their Commitment to the Park slope Community

"Each year since 1979, the Park Slope Civic Council has honored two people or organizations for their outstanding service to the community. The awards – one for a local volunteer, the other for professional service – are named for George Lovgren, the Park Slope activist who in the 1960s worked tirelessly to save the Union Street firehouse (today, Squad 1) from closure. The awards epitomize the Civic Council's philosophy – that it's the people who care about their community that have made Park Slope a great place to live.

We believe your work on behalf of dog owners, Prospect Park visitors and the community at large makes FIDO very well deserving of this award, and we would be honored to present this award in person at our June Trustees' Meeting taking place on Thursday, June 8th at the Old Stone House in Washington Park at 7pm."

(L to R) FIDO Steering Committee Members Betty Schwartz-Dowling, Deborah Siner, Lynn Radov and Gary Osgood, FIDO President.


July 2019
It's Official - Kensington Dog Run Under construction

It's happening, folks.

Any questions?
Contact Lynn Radov

Want to be part of this? Contact Lynn Radov, L.C.S.W. at: lpradov@mindspring.com

Does Your Dog Have a City Dog Tag/Rabies Tag?

New York City Health Department Dog License on-line registry - painless! Dog owners may apply and make payment online for a new dog license or renew an existing one.

go to: https://a816-healthpsi.nyc.gov/DogLicense/doglicense/founddog?

The annual fee to license your dog is $8.50 if your dog is spayed or neutered. The fee is $34 if your dog is not spayed or neutered

See your veterinarian for rabies tags. Know that a lost dog can be traced back to the veterinarian who issued the rabies tag.

Download FIDO NEWSLETTERS going back to Spring 2003!

Lost & Found...

Lost or found something? e-mail: bipcar@gmail.com

I am a Fido member and lost a necklace in my walk on Friday or sat in Prospect park-

I was in a dog walk and walked from the Garfield entrance through the meadow over to the picnic house area where Ray and Joni hold the playgroup-

It causes me pain- and I would offer a sizable reward-

Kathy Drummer

Lose/find a pet? email fidolostdog@gmail.com


Injured Wildlife....

Injured wildlife will be picked up.
Call the Park Supervisor's office at 718-965-6606 – ext. 307

Injured anima/wildfowl encounters...

Call the Park Supervisor's office at 718-965-6606 – ext. 307. If it's during work hours (8am-4pm) they have will investigate. In case of injury, they will seek a certified wildlife rehabilitator.

For dead or suspicious raccoons (see below)...

Call the Park Supervisor's office at 718-965-6606 – ext. 307. If it's during work hours (8am-4pm) they have expressed a willingness to investigate. Between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm. you can also call Park Enforcement Police (the green police vehicles) at 718-437-1350. Both offices will look for the animal and make arrangements with the Urban Rangers to have it tested or in case of injury, seek a certified wildlife rehabilitation.

If no response, contact 311and ask to talk with the Urban Park Rangers for Brooklyn. Again, if you or your dog is bitten by an animal, call 911! Or you might try them directly: 718-421-6767 or Ranger dispatch: 718-482-4885

* Raccoon Encounters...
On December 3rd. 2010, a dead raccoon found in the vicinity of a Prospect Park entrance tested positive for rabies. In 2014, a few rabid raccoons were found deeper into Brooklyn. A vaccine program was established which consists of feeding tube-like devices only accessible to raccoons. As of yet there has been no further spread. People should nonetheless report serious encounter with raccoons who are either openly aggressive or unusually friendly, especially during daylight hours. If you or your dog is bitten, call 911! If your dog is bitten and you do not have a documented rabies shot, your pet will be quarantined by the Health Department. In all likelihood, your dog will require a booster shot.

According to the Department of Health, there hasn't been a case of humans contracting rabies from raccoons since the 1940's. While most raccoons present absolutely no danger, exercise prudence when letting your pet out in the backyards at night!.


Cold Weather Tips

Leptospirosis! critical that you vaccinate your dog!

See FIDO Newsletter Summer 2009 - Lepto interview (pdf)
Lyme Disease summery

Note: FIDO has a great "Health" section with all kinds of tips & links for canine park users.


Stand By Your Dog!
While someone else does the shopping...

Never leave your dog tied up in front of a store. Even though you may be able to see your dog through the shop window, a moment's distraction is all it takes! Stolen dogs have been held for ransom or reward right here in Park Slope. Size doesn't matter - there are people out there who will roll your dog through the doorway of a minivan without a moment's hesitation. Worse still, you dog may end up in a research laboratory or sold to an out of state pet store. Patronize dog friendly stores; have a friend watch your dog or better still, leave your dog home when you're shopping.

Dog Runs

Can't get up in the morning?




Official Dog Runs (extended hours)
Park Slope: Washington Park - 3rd Street btw 4th & 5th Aves; South Slope Run at 18th Street btw 7th & 6th Ave's
Brooklyn Heights: Hillside Park - near Old Fulton Ferry; Pier One; Palmetto Dog Run at beginning of State Street

See complete Borough list: NYC Off-Leash Areas & Dog Runs

Want to establish a dog run?
New York Council of Dog Owner Groups has the information you need to get started:

A Success Story - How they did it...

Greenwood Hts-South Slope Dog Owners
18th Street, just below 7th ave toward 6th Ave (by Prospect Expressway).

5/20/10 Victory! .... Proposal has passed the Community Board by an overwhelming vote!
Tireless efforts by this committed group pays off at last! It takes people who show up time and time again - stand by their group. Details are being worked out with the City Parks Department as to how this will all happen. For a full report, contact Pamela Brown .

Local Groups Wanting to Establish a Dog Run... (FIDO will promote your efforts any way we can)

Kensington Dog Run
This community group has been promised a space near the Coney Island Avenue Circle. But we must have people show up for meetings. Contact Lyn: lpradov@mindspring.com

Cadman Plaza forming off-leash group
Our Group is Cadman Plaza Dogs (cadmanplazadogs@gmail.com). We are starting to reach out to the community and could use all the help we can get.


Please Remember...
What made FIDO in Prospect Park viable twelve years ago was that a committed bunch of dog owners gathered together with Park administration to work out the basic off-leash rules that were essentially the rules we know today. The trick was to live by them.  By becoming a MEMBER of FIDO, dog owners felt empowered to apply peer pressure to those who still "didn't get it"!  Having control of your dog at all times is basic; it's still our number one priority today.

FIDO In Prospect Park provided the city-wide role model that inspired some twenty thousand plus New York City dog owners to make their voices known through petitions and letters when the City beat back the lawsuit by the Juniper HillCivic association to end all off-leash privileges. Instead off-leash privileges became off-leash law! Let's double our membership. Membership means you have a say in all manner of things "off-leash". Membership is a commitment to your fellow dog-owners as well as other park users. Membership is for one year. The  amount? Simply whatever you can afford from a few dollars on up. You can even join on-line.

What's in it for me?
You will be a part of a LARGE group committed to the responsible off-leash rules that make this park such a haven for dogs and their owners.

Group Notifications Via E-mai
You will be on an e-mail list of over 700 people who receive advisories concerning lost & found dogs (it might be yours); health tips; safety alerts and more.  J
oin FIDO - make yourself count.

Dog Beach Video: NYC Parks Dept It's Your Park